Strategic Plan Ultimate

The recommended solution for a comprehensive study of your current situation and for organizations new to strategic planning. We provide complete support throughout the entire planning process, including an initial "kick-off" session, on-site review and interviews,and the off-site planning retreat to develop your strategies.  Here is how it works…

Complete the planning workbook.

We work with you and your team to complete a planning workbook for your organization. Each team member should schedule about 8 hours for this step.

Off-site planning retreat.

You pick the location – some place where your team can focus on strategies. We need a minimum of 10 hours to work through our agenda so schedule at least two days for the retreat. Larger organizations require more time.) We recommend starting at noon the first day and wrapping up the following morning.

Allow us to facilitate the entire process.

That’s it. We’ll plan the agenda, prepare the handouts, take the notes, facilitate the discussions to keep everyone focused, and handle all the other details required for a successful retreat. This frees you and your team to focus on the important thing – your strategy.

At the end of the retreat you leave with a Strategic Plan Recap. The following week we complete the final documentation and deliver your strategic plan.