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Transforming Organizations

Accelerate your business development.  Build leadership talent that can analyze problems and find innovative solutions.  Turn your vision into reality. 

It takes three critical elements to build and maintain business success today:a sound strategy, great leadership, and the ability to adapt in a changing global marketplace.

Holland Resource provides services exclusively dedicated to these three areas.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Change

Leadership Development





Focus your team and make your vision a reality.

New technologies, changing markets, and uncertain economies can make past performance measures and management controls suddenly obsolete. They can also turn yesterday's strengths into today's weaknesses.

In this environment, your organization needs focus and common goals.  Your organization needs a strategic plan.

We help you build strategies and give your leaders the insight and tools to realize your vision.  This consulting starts with an initial meeting and completion of an in-depth questionnaire. Then we work with you and your team to develop your strategic plan and the steps necessary to effectively implement it.

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Blast through the status quo and transform your organization.

Our world is changing at a more rapid pace every day. To succeed, organizations need to be agile and have leaders able to drive change.  Less than 30% of companies sucessfully implement their strategic plans. Studies show that most managers focus on internal issues to protect the status quo. These entrenched cultures foster complacency that block needed change.

  • Researchers estimate that only 20 to 50 percent of major corporate re-engineering projects have been successful.
  • In a survey of 500 companies, nine of the top 10 obstacles to change were the capabilities, attitudes, or behaviors of people.

Beginning with a private consultation, this Holland Resource program takes your leaders through a proven leading change process to overcome barriers to change.

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Activate your team and create effective leaders.

Your employees are your organization's greatest asset and are crucial to the success of your business.  Yet research tells us the average person uses less than 25% of their potential.

Great organizations refuse to settle for mediocre performance.  Great organizations rise to meet this challenge through focused leadership development that delivers rapid, lasting results.  Great leadership activates great performance.

Through our issue-focused workshops — covering such topics as motivation, team building and decision making — Holland Resource turns managers into strong, effective leaders.

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