Communication is Indispensable in the Workplace

There's no such thing as too much communication in the workplace. Team members are naturally curious as to what is going on with workplace leadership. That curiosity is so strong that if they feel like information is being withheld, they will make up their own stories based on even the tiniest nuggets of information. Management communication must address team members' vision and goals, and it must effectively outline changes in the workplace. 

Workplace studies show that the least satisfied employees are the ones who have great responsibility, yet little control over how those responsibilities are carried out. Withheld communication makes every affected employee feel as if he or she has less control. Employee motivation depends on knowing that they are important enough to the organization that they will not be kept in the dark about changes in the workplace, particularly large changes that require a total paradigm shift.

When change in the workplace is afoot, leaders must be willing to communicate to all team members the reasons for the change, and their vision for the team. When team members have questions, leaders must provide as complete answers as they can, and they must be willing to say that they don't know the answer if that is indeed the case. Team motivation and employee morale suffer in the absence of communication, and if it is your team, then so will your own leadership development.

Team members react differently to change, but they all react. Whether they express their misgivings or not, all team members must be kept apprised of the changes that are occurring or imminent. If you, as a leader, are evasive, or simply reassure everyone that everything will be OK, you'll be doing yourself and your team a disservice. If you don't know the answer to a team member's questions, say so. But if you do know the answer and fear it will be painful for them to hear, then you'll only make it worse by being evasive. Remember: there's no such thing as too much communication in the workplace.