• Effective Leadership

    the ability to guide and motivate individuals or groups to accomplish mutual objectives.
  • Attitudes - Skills - Goals

    three timeless essentials a successful leader masters.
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Your organization is unique.  You often need unique solutions to training needs. Holland Resource offers tailored solutions including completely customized and highly relevant content and training specific to your needs.  We provide customized training for organizations that have groups of people who want to be trained together.  We conduct succinct one-day courses and in-depth multi-day courses.  Whether your customer service staff need better ways to deal with angry clients, your managers need to become better leaders, or there is too much internal conflict among employees we can build a course to meet your needs.

Your customized workshop can focus on, for example:

  • Customer service
  • Executive Leadership
  • Management Teams
  • Supervisor Development
  • Sales Training
  • Employee/Management relations
  • Enhancing workplace performance

Sometimes you may have a training need that our library of materials does not address directly.  When this happens, we can design and develop content just for you and then either deliver the program as we would with our existing materials or train your people to roll it out.

We offer our clients:

  • design expertise featuring a personalized client-oriented needs assessment
  • innovative adult-education teaching methods, including case studies, group exercises, group discussions, and instructor presentations
  • lasting partnerships that focus on long-term learning objectives
  • location flexibility - the training can be held at any location. Onsite training is the core of our business. Onsite training means we come to you.
  • Coming Soon: Online Training: For a host of different reasons, instructor-led training alone is not always the answer. To that end, we are creating online versions of several of our courses and partnering with other vendors to provide offerings compatible with our clients' needs.


We work closely with our clients to identify their learning objectives before designing the workshop.  This usually involves:

  • Identify challenges and logistics
  • Identify audience, culture, budget, timeline, and success measures
  • Brainstorm content alignment with learning objectives
  • Develop relevant content
  • Customize workshop materials

Workshop Training

Customized training is just that; every workshop is different, designed around our clients.  To view sample learning content and course structure, please visit our Leadership Workshops pages.

Post Workshop

We work with our clients to ensure on-going, customized support after a workshop concludes.  This can include, for instance, one-on-one work with trained coaches, online continuing training, discussion groups, and follow up quizzes or online refresher courses.

Contact us to discuss your specific situation, and we can give you a timetable and price quote.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request additional information regarding our workshops.