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Leaders Agree...

Developing your skills is critical to your success.  Act today to invest in your future.

Our continuing education series includes six courses designed to bring out the best in your leadership qualities.  Each course is presented in a "lecture-lab" environment.  Topics are presented by the instructor, discussed by the group, and tailored to fit your specific needs through your personalized Action Plan.

The learning continues after the workshops.

Participants receive a workbook of the course materials and develop a personalized action plan to guide their day-to-day application of the leadership skills presented in these workshops. 


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Continuing Education Courses

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  • Develop your leadership talent through proven self-evaluation and learning materials tailored to your individual needs.

    This course is relevant for new managers looking to learn new leadership skills and seasoned professionals looking to sharpen their existing skills.

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  • Refresh your management skills. Share ideas and tools proven from managers of all levels.

    This course is relevant for managers looking to build more confidence and sharpen their management skills.

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  • Develop People Management skills for real-life application in a contemporary environment. 

    This course is relevant for new managers looking to learn people management skills and seasoned managers interested in simple tips and techniques to sharpen their existing skills.

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  • Learn how you can actively support an environment where team building is a priority.  Learn the value of teams as an organizational strategy and a management tool.  Develop the knowledge and confidence necessary to utilize collaboration as a tool for innovation and change.  

    This course is relevant for all leaders.  

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  • Learn a proven process for developing your professional network.  Learn the importance of community support and networking skills in achieving your goals. 

    This course is relevant for anyone looking to improve their networking skills and outcomes.

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  • Establish a program of personal development to advance your career through this comprehensive curriculum.  Evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses in six essential areas.  Develop specific goals and action steps to balance your personal development and professional growth. 

    This course is relevant for all leaders.

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