Holland Resource is a positive results-oriented company exclusively dedicated to helping you manage change and turn your vision into reality. We help organizations develop and align their business resources to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate the implementation of their business development. Our business is designing and facilitating processes that enable you to develop the substantial competitive advantage you need to succeed in the future. We provide a talent for analyzing problems, developing and simplifying procedures, and finding innovative solutions. Our group is especially skilled at strategic planning, organizational restructuring, staff development, and building effective teams.

Founded by Dan Holland in 1995, the firm relocated to Hendersonville (Nashville), Tennessee in 2002.  Dan is a specialist in organizational restructuring, staff development, and building effective teams.  A management consultant since 1982, Dan has consulted with many organizations including Sears, Avon, Wal-Mart, Izod Lacoste, V F Corporation, and the Human Resource Agencies of Tennessee.

Unlike many consultants who lack practical experience in their craft, Dan was a practitioner before he became a consultant.  His experience includes practical hands-on application of the leadership skills now offered through his workshops and consulting engagements.

We have a proven record of success and the vision to assist individuals and organizations seeking higher levels of excellence.  Our processes and materials provide rapid results and positive, measurable outcomes.  They are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.  Our proven processes and world class facilitation teams enable us to provide our clients with powerful solutions for successful growth.  In short, we help you turn vision into reality and your potential into performance.